Botanical art and illustration is the centuries-old tradition of portraying plants for scientific purposes, recording vanishing species for the historical record, and capturing the beauty and inspiration we enjoy in the flora of the miraculous world. As the pioneer botanical illustrator organization in China, we know how important botanical art is in both scientific fields as well as in the documentation and conservation of species. For us, botanical illustration is not only rigorous art but also the most touching science. 
Since 2017, we started to organize classes, seminars and workshops for nature lovers, beginner illustrators and experienced artists of all levels to help them acquire new knowledge and skills or refine their techniques and find new inspiration for their creative conduct. We are also the first organization in mainland China to promote the Bowu theory in natural knowledge training which covers all phenomena of nature in order to acquire natural knowledge continuously and connectedly hence to increase the harmony between human being and nature.


Lian Center,

the educator for art and nature

In 2017, we organized the first “Advanced Botanical Illustration Workshop” lectured by Professor Zeng Xiaolian, the most distinguished Biological Artist in China.

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  In 2018 co-organized the Botanical Illustration Seminar with Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University. 

In 2019, co-organized Beautiful China the first National Natural Educator Training with Department of Publicity and Education, Ministry of Ecology and Environment.


Currently Class:

If Garden Theme Lectures Series:

48 lectures covering topics ranging from simple gardening techniques to professional botanic illustration skills. 



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