Professor Zeng Xiaolian worked for decades at the Kunming Botanical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, created more than 2,000 illustrations for over 50 scientific projects, including the national scientific project “Flora of China”. A project gathered work from 312 botanists and 164 illustrators and took 46 years to compile. 

He served as Chairman of the Botanical Scientific Illustration Society of China for 11 years.  His work has been selected for numerous national exhibitions in China as well as worldwide like The Hunt international Exhibition. In recent years, he has published hundreds of works, which have been presented in exhibitions and books and on stamps.

One of his latest masterpieces is a giant painting specifically created for the International Horticultural Expo in Beijing. Titled "The Journey of Chinese Plants," it features 37 plants which originally grew in China and then spread around the world. For him, praise nature with brush is the joy of life.



Natural Enthusiasm and Pure Professionalism


Li Fengsong

Professor Li Fengsong worked as Dean at Department of Environmental Art Design in Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. He believes good designer must possess sound overall environmental awareness and comprehensive aesthetic quality. And he loves to see natural history illustration becomes popular among public in expressing the nature rigorously through the form of painting. He encourages people to paint regardless of their professional background as painting is a good form for expression. In his opinion, botanical painting is not only a simply reproduction of the nature but a combination of authentic aesthetic strengthening and high artistic value.


Liu Huajie

Professor Liu Huajie works as Ph.D. tutor at Department of Philosophy in Peking University.  He is also a chief expert for major project management in National Social Science Foundation. He is an important promoter for the popularity of the Chinese natural science study. In the process of reviewing the logic of modernity, he rediscovered the value of the ancient natural history tradition and hence actively starts his effort in proposing the concept of living as a naturalist. He has published many books including Chaotic Semantics and Philosophy, Fractal Art, Botanical Journeys in Hawaii, Visible Scenery, Natural History, Natural Science Culture and History, Chongli Wildflowers, Natural Life etc. And won many rewards like Fok Ying Tung Reward, Wenjin Book Award, Wu Ta-you Award and Excellent Publication Award etc.


Song Baoru
Founder of Lian Center

Song Baoru is a CIOB Chartered Builder and the owner of If Garden, a natural theme bookstore chain. She is a passionate enthusiast in natural education and botanical art. She has many roles in her life like natural education tutor, gardener, art curator, architect and writer. Since the first debut of Lian Center, she had led her team stage botanical art exhibitions in all important culturally affluent cities in China and established a trend for public botanical art appreciation. In 2017, she co-authored the book The Dunhuang Grottoes and Global Education. Through illustrating the coexistence of humans and nature and their reciprocal relationships, she emphasized the importance of rekindle people’s love for nature. She bears the mission of setting up the bridge between China and the world in natural art study.


Yang Jiankun

Yang Jiankun worked at Kunming Botanical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1978 as a senior experimenter. He mainly engaged in the illustration work of botanical scientific painting and the research work of ethnobotany. He learned from Professor Zeng Xiaolian and created many illustrations for scientific projects including the national scientific project “Flora of China” as well as “Flora of Yunnan” and “Flora of Tibet”. He published many books to promote ecological art. His works has been seen in more than 50 books and on stamps. In 2019, his work Dictyophora indusiate (Vent.Pers.) Fisch. won
the "Jury Professional Award" in Staedtler International Botanical art competition.


Zhan Yan

Zhan Yan got her doctorate degree from Moscow State University of Arts and Crafts in 2003. Since then, she works as professor at School of Humanities in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences teaching many courses including "Western Art History", "Appreciation of Chinese and Western Art Works", "Visual Art and Science Communication" etc. She is an active member of the Science and Art Professional Committee and Science Communication Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Dialectics. She engaged in scientific communication research and published many academic papers in her research fields in both China and Russia.